AVRIM mission

  • Development of methods for regenerative and innovative medicine

  • Training of experts in the field of regenerative and innovative medicine

  • Introduction methods of treatment of regenerative medicine in veterinarian practice

  • Creation of favorable conditions for development of scientific and innovation activities

  • Development based on scientifically - innovative activity of the results of science-based competitive production

  • Organization in the Russian Federation high-tech competitive industries in the field of regenerative and innovative medicine

  • The pooling of efforts and coordination of the Association members, scientists and experts in the field of veterinary regenerative and innovationmedicine, as well as in related fields

Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург , ул.Турку , д.11, к..2  Russia, St. Petersburg, Turku street, 11/.2

 +7 900 637 36 28

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