AVRIM history

Since the beginning of the two thousandth actively develop research on stem cell biology. Numerous data on the beneficial properties of stem cells and biologically active molecules and biocompatible materials gave impetus to the development of regenerative (renewable) technologies in human medicine and veterinary medicine.

Regenerative technology allowed us to safely and efficiently provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for diseases, incurable using traditional surgical and conservative approaches.

At the same time in veterinary clinics in the U.S. and Europe began active use of cell therapy for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases of dogs and damage to the ligaments and tendons of dogs and horses. A pioneer in this direction was Dr. Robert J. Harman, D. V. M., M. P. V. M., who in the USA based biotech company VetStem.

Later the system of infusion of cellular products for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs and kidney failure cats was introduced . To date have assisted thousands of Pets. Dynamic data obtained through long-term observations of the physical condition of the treated animals demonstrate the safety of regenerative treatment technologies. Now thousands of Pets got help . Dynamic data obtained through long-term observations of the physical condition of the treated animals, demonstrating the safety of the technologies of regenerative treatment.

At the moment, the majority of veterinary clinics abroad, along with surgical and conservative methods of treatment offer owners of the cell technology to treat diseases of the four-legged patients. Cellular and other regenerative treatment technology is used as a prophylaxis and monotherapy, as a means of rehabilitation after surgical or conservative treatment.

Since 2005 in the framework of the project "Center of regenerative technologies" a team of veterinary doctors and cell biologists have been adapted to local conditions of technology of obtaining and banking cultures of mesenchymal stem cells of domestic animals, the formation of cellular products. Was conducted limited clinical studies of cell therapy when dissecting the Legg, osteoarthritis, consequences of joint dysplasia and other degenerative joint diseases of dogs, and also in injuries of tendon and ligaments of horses.

Tracking dynamics of therapeutic action of cell therapy and long-term monitoring of the physical condition of patients after the conference indicate the wide range of possibilities of cellular technology, the effectiveness of these treatments, and safety during procedures for patients. In addition to cell technology development was carried out and in other biomedical fields (obtaining of medical drugs from products separation of blood, the use of original wound coverings on the basis of biocompatible polymers, methods of plasma veterinary medicine, treatment with bacteriophages, etc.)

The association of veterinary regenerative and innovative medicine (AVRIM) has been created in 2016. The purpose of AVRIM is increase in efficiency of contacts of scientists and the practicing experts from various areas for development and advance of methods of veterinary regenerative medicine and other innovative medical technologies. Besides, distribution among veterinarians, owners of animals, manufacturers, farmers and all to whom interestingly this direction, objective information on opportunities, efficiency, safety and other aspects of use of innovative medical technologies is among problems of AVRIM. Also on the AVRIM platform consideration of the legal questions concerning intellectual property and ways of her commercialization in veterinary medicine is planned.

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